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The Jacksonville Organic Business Directory is a powerful community of local artisans, craftsmen, foodies, tradesmen, farmers and hobbyist that produce high quality products and services not only with their skilled hands but sincere hearts.  The products they produce through focused consciousness are cleaner, safer, healthier and sustainable.

They are dedicated to doing it right and better the first time by implementing critical thought, amazing creativity, unwavering integrity, mad crazy skills and genuine care into the items they make.  They are OUR HEROES filling our lives with beauty, quality and contentment while sharing their purpose of what it means to be human, live well, be healthy and live good.  They show us how to be better ourselves as consumers, more conscious and caring through the sharing of their talent and ability to create better things.

The use of organic, natural and sustainable raw materials is their first priority.  They demand that the materials they use be quality items that will last through the test of time and quality is always a given. These individuals are always conscious of what it takes to create a finished product that meets the high standards they intended.  Many of them reuse-recycle-repurpose. The companies listed on these pages put their hard work, time and soul into the work they do always seeking to make it special, just for you!   

Through this directory we ask you to help support your neighbor, friend, co-worker, family member or even those you consider strangers by keeping your dollars at home supporting local small business in the communities and cities around you affording them the ability to sustain and retain their lively hood and the opportunity to service you.

The Jacksonville Organic Business Directory encourages you to "Come to The Table," as a consumer - Be the Change; as a business - Be the Solution for a more fulfilling and better life that connects us all to people and nature, nurturing and respecting each other's worth.....




Patricia Davis

Founder & Creator

My love for all things organic and natural lead me to create this Directory.  I have a great respect and appreciation for people who use their hands and minds working to make our world a better place. 


I'm a sustainer.  Coming from a farm I know the power of using your hands. 


My goal for this Directory is to create a nourishing and cultured platform for the amazingly skilled people in this city to share their talent, products and services with our community and beyond.

I'm also the Creator and Owner of Silver Needle & Thread, Tag Custom Bridal and CATA Consumers Against Toxic Apparel.  All of my companies have the same core values; do business with integrity, respect people, be passionate and focused on purpose.


Lynnette Marie

Marketing & Networking

Lynnette is an advocate and an activist for our environment and natural products that are pure, clean, safe and healthy.  She is the Creator of The Pure Integrity Verified Seal.


Also known as Organic Guru. She is a Minister for the Environment & Environmental Marshall as outlined in the NSEA. She is an established Author, Medicine Woman, Public Speaker and Pure Health Warrior.

Lynnette's story began years ago with her own kidney surgery and complications and her son's rare disease, Respiratory  Papillomatosis in which he encountered 28 surgeries with 7 different surgeons and 2 near death experiences over the course of 15 years. She discovered how real food was meant to heal our bodies and cure diseases.  She's been a champion ever since those experiences educating and connecting with people not only around the Country but abroad too.


Meredith O'Malley


Meredith's in-depth knowledge of Jacksonville' culture and it's people gives her the advantage in her ability to help plan and organize this Directory.


She's a communications, outreach and public relations expert with a proven record of achievement.


Her skills makes her a resourceful, adaptable, goal-oriented and self-motivated leader with a solid track record of exceptional team results with co-workers and volunteers.


Elizabeth Tran



Elizabeth has been the Ambassador, Spokes Person and Face behind several of our companies over the years.

She's a graduate of The University of Miami.  She is the Creator of Teens Go Green Global, former Intern at Orange County Environmental Protection Division (Orlando) and Dream in Green (Miami). 

You can often find her dressed in our sister company Silver Needle & Thread clothing or somewhere speaking about our other sister company CATA Consumers Against Toxic Apparel.


Her love for the environment and sustainability is shown and exercised in her life everyday.  I can tell you, this girl is on fire.


Successful Work Team
Helping Hand

  Ready to be Part of The Change & Solution

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