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in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas.

Bee on Flower

Come to the Table- Join the Community of Change and Solution

Conference Room

We connect consumers to skilled small business artisans and craftsmen producing better products and services for people and planet. This is the place where you can find organic farmers, clothing designers, woodworkers, beauty and personal care, sustainable interior design, non-toxic home cleaning, health and wellness options and so much more.  JOBD offers alternatives, change and solutions to help you create a healthier more sustainable lifestyle.

Our table is open for conscious consumers wanting clean purer ingredients

and healthier products for their family.

Our table is open for conscious creators, inventors and hard working business people who are committed to making better products that are healthier, safer and sustainable.

Why Businesses Should Join Us

  • We're simply not like all the other online directories-offering you a couple of links and a few photos. No no there's so much more.


  • We're also brick and mortar so your marketing is always in our store and available for customers to see, pick up and take home.


  • ​We randomly share your Facebook updates to keep your community informed about what you're doing, offering or creating and include you in our Google posts.

  • You get to display your product in our store for a period of time.  This allows customers to see, touch and feel what you offer or do.


  • Four times per year you can participate in our "Community Fair Day."  All we can say about it is, "you're going to love it."​


       The next move is all yours, call or connect with us now.   


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What We Do





Home Gardening
Food Security

Socialy Responsible

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